About Us
JJ Wei Dance School is a vibrant growing dance school located in Chicago Suburbs.

JJ Wei Dance specializes in Chinese Classic dance, Chinese Folk dance, Ballet and modern dance. We offer complete dance programs for the youngest beginner dancer to the most advanced.   

Our mission is to inspire, educate, and create excellence so our dancers develop passion for the art of dance, solid dance technique, and artistic stage presence. 

At JJ Wei Dance School, whether you study dance to pursue a professional career or just to have fun, get exercise, you will fall in love with dance and the beautiful music, be the best you want be.  Through the development of skills in dance, JJ Wei Dance will help you to build confidence, teach you the technical skills to integrate mind, body and spirit, speak the magnificent language of dance.
Meet Our Faculty
Juanjuan Wei

Founder of J.J. Wei Dance Shool

Cecilia Wei is a recognized professor and leader as an performer, artist, teacher, and choreographer in the classic and ethnic minority styles of Chinese dance. 
She has been invited by many leading universities of the Asia Pacific region as a dance instructor and judge of prestigious dance competitions.
Her art works have been presented and recognized in many Chinese prestige and famous dance competitions and won several major awards.
She was also one of the choreographers for the 2008 Beijing Olympic opening and closing ceremonies.
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